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Conflicts and Complaints

In the event of conflicts and complaints, the board of FAU University Press will provide advice and arbitration. Any conflicts and complaints should be reported to the board of FAU University Press in writing for documentation purposes and submitted to the following address:

FAU University Press
Universitätsstr. 4
91054 Erlangen Germany

In addition, the Academic Advisory Board can be contacted if FAU University Press or its activities are the subject(s) of the complaint. In this case, please contact the chairperson of the Academic Advisory Board (Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Leven, Both the board of FAU University Press and the Academic Advisory Board use the flowcharts and materials of COPE (

It is advisable for authors to declare any circumstances relating to ethical considerations, financial arrangements or planned patent applications that could be construed as conflicts of interest on their part at the time of manuscript submission, or at the latest in the legally binding publishing contract. Please see in this connection the relevant section of the publishing contract. FAU University Press reserves the right to consult its legal department for advice and to reject any manuscripts that violate the interests of third parties or that reveal the proscribed influence of third parties.