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Publication Process

FAU University Press will support you in all phases of the publication process. The process itself is briefly described below. Details may be found in the current Checklist for authors issued by FAU University Press.

Establishing Contact

If you are interested in publishing through FAU University Press, please contact us (university-press(at), phone +49 9131 85-22155, -22158) and provide us with the most detailed information possible about your publication project.

If you have already published with us or know the procedure, you can also send us directly the correctly formatted manuscript and the book submission form with your book proposal including metadata (see Information and Downloads for Authors, section "Specification").

In principle, only employees and students of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) are entitled to publish through FAU University Press. If you wish to publish in one of the series, please contact us first before the book series editors. The latter parties are responsible for the review process. For more information, please visit our Open Peer Review page. If no suitable series is currently available, you can contact an university institution (such as a faculty, department or chair) to suggest the inauguration of a new series.

Cost Estimate

The cost of publishing the first edition will either be borne by the author or by the editors. FAU University Press will obtain quotations from printers and provide an overall estimate of costs, including the expenditure incurred by the publisher, especially the printing costs and the publisher´s one-off fee of €60. If print copies have been requested, the costs of mandatory copies and a few sales copies (usually a total of 22 copies) for FAU University Press will be included in the estimate.

A one-off fee of €20 is charged for the publication of a manuscript in digital form only.

As FAU University Press has no commercial interest in the publication of any manuscript, it will not pay royalties to authors. However, the publication can be registered with VG WORT, which may arrange for royalty payments to be made.

Submission of Electronic Manuscripts

You can submit electronic manuscripts via email attachment, FAUbox or drop box or in person on an electronic storage medium (USB stick, CD-ROM, etc.).

Publishing Contract

FAU University Press, the author and the editor will conclude a publishing contract. Among other things, this contract will regulate costs, the period of availability to the book trade, the Creative Commons License as well as the usage rights to be granted to FAU University Press (see also our Information), the number of copies to be produced and the retail price of the printed edition. A requirement for concluding a contract is the consent of a professor (in the case of dissertations) or a series editor or the Academic Advisory Board in the case manuscripts to be published as part of the FAU Forschungen series. When the contract has been concluded, you will be issued with an ISBN for your work and an ISSN for the series.


Your digital manuscript will form the basis for digital and print publication. We will formally review your file before sending it for printing. You will be sent proofs so that you can approve the manuscript for printing. Your work will then be published on OPEN FAU . It can then be read and downloaded free of charge. The online edition is also be subject to copyright protection.

Your printed publication will be listed in the German Books in Print (VLB) catalogue, by online bookstores, in the German National Bibliography and the Library Union Catalogue of Bavaria (BVB). It can be ordered through retail booksellers and the website of FAU University Press.

The digital document on OPEN FAU will also be bibliographically registered and will be transferred to the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, DNB) for the long-term archiving. Please provide us with freely specified keywords, standardised German GND (universal authority file) keywords and an abstract (optionally also in English). These will help others to find your publication online.