About FAU University Press




The University Library supervises FAU University Press on behalf of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). The aim is to provide a quick and low-cost way of publishing and distributing selected works by members of the university and FAU institutions in digital form and print form. Works published cover the full range of disciplines taught at FAU.

To ensure the development of FAU University Press and maintain the academic quality of the FAU Forschungen series, the University Administration has set up an Academic Advisory Board, the tasks and composition of which are specified in the Regulations for the Academic Advisory Board (only German) of FAU University Press.

FAU University Press supports the concept of Open access and all publications are made freely accessible for download to the academic community at any time through the OPUS FAU repository.

FAU University Press thus observes the recommendations of the German Rectors’ Conference (only German) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (only German). These call for setting up university infrastructures to enable free worldwide online access to academic information as a means of facilitating the rate and efficiency of academic research, teaching and learning.

A distinctive editorial and qualitative policy is at the core of all of our products. Please read our editorial and publication ethics policies: http://www.university-press.fau.de/publizieren/informationen-und-downloads-fuer-autoren-en.shtml.

Our information booklet is available at the information desks of the University Library.