A one-off fee of €20 net is charged for the publication of a manuscript in digital form only.

If digital publication is to be supplemented by a print-on-demand version, the additional processing work involved means that the one-off publishing fee is €60 net; this does not include the printing costs incurred and, where applicable, the shipping costs for the proofs and the complete print run. These costs must be borne by the author. We will gladly send you a cost estimate. An Excel calculator for non-binding preliminary information on printing costs can be found on our download page in the section "Contract / calculation":

Authors will not be entitled to direct payment of royalties. Authors can register their publications with VG WORT through which royalty payments may be made. Please note that there is no guarantee of entitlement to royalties or that these will cover the costs of publishing.

For advice on available financial sponsorship options for print editions, please contact the foundations, funds and sponsoring associations of FAU and the Graduate Centre.